Tim ONeal
Nice clean place. Great wings.
Bret D.
Best wings in town, no need to look further. I got the bbq boneless, wife got the garlic Parmesan and fries + mango drink.
Chris B.
This place is fire! I'd noticed Official Wings has opened recently near the house and, not having found a Wing Home™ yet in Clarksville, knew I had to try them out. Y'all- this is THE spot. First and foremost- you're getting the whole wing. No more hoping you get more drums/flats, no more getting scammed by Big Wing companies charging you for half a wing- you get it all here. Keep this in mind while ordering - a 5pc is plenty for most people, especially if you get fries. The fries are good too by the way, but let's be honest the wings are what's bringing us in the door. They give you a roll, celery, and carrots too - I like it, some people don't but whatever it's there if you do. They're small and independently-owned if that matters to you. I personally prefer to give these types of places my business if possible so that's always cool. Service was good. Granted - it was slow when we went but the Christmas movie they had playing on the TV ended while we were eating. Fella from the back came out and asked my daughter what she wanted to watch next, which she loved. It's not a big thing and (again) it was slow, but stuff like that really goes a long way. One warning - the building is on the smaller side (maybe four/five tables). I'd imagine it can get crowded quickly if a lot if people dine in at the same time. Not really much they can do about it but it doesn't hurt to have that in the back of your mind. Overall- this is a must-try if you're into wings. I'd post a photo but y'all really don't want to see a pile of bones ‍
Bill W.
This spot just recently opened, but there are no kinks to work out. Pretty simple process order at the counter, which looks like an old food truck. They have a variety of sizes to choose from, from 5 pieces all the way to 20...I got the 7 Piece Whole Wings. Keep in mind that these are ALL wings, there are no little drumettes here...hence the name Official WINGS! Lots and lots and lots of flavors/sauces to choose from, so I went with the Official Hot sauce, which I was told was the hottest one they offer. Threw in some cajun crinkle fries and a Sprite to round out the lunch. The food came out from the kitchen quickly, presented in a black to-go box layered with foil to separate the wings from the fries. The fries were loaded with cajun seasoning, it's good to see a place not skimp on the seasoning. They were crispy and tasted really good...but they were not the star of the show. I didn't come here for some fries, I came here for the wings. Perfectly fried and tossed in that delicious Official Hot sauce. You know they do them well when that sauce hurts your fingers when you have a hangnail. They were hot, not gonna pretend they weren't...I got the head sweats when I ate 'em, but they were so stinkin' good! The sauce was hot, but not so hot that you couldn't taste the flavor. These guys at Official Wings know what they are doing y'all! I really like the fact that the wings were fried and THEN tossed in the many places cook the sauce on the wing and they're not saucy at all. I will definitely be back, definitely! If you're in the area, check 'em wings around. Bar none. My ONLY complaint is that I don't think they serve the wings with blue cheese dressing...I didn't think to ask and the choice was not offered, but hey, it's their wing joint, not mine. Keep up the good work Official Wings!
Taara H.
Our new GO-TO for wings is here in Cville!! These 2 young entrepreneurs, Edward & Ken, saw the need for some delicious wings here in Clarksville (Middle TN) and answered the call with straight FIRE!!! The flavors of these wings are incredible, the chicken tender, and most of all, the customer service was impeccable!!! My husband had the 10pc whole wings w/Honey Hot and Honey Gold flavors...BANGIN'!! I had their "Official Bites" boneless chicken w/Lemon Pepper dry rub (my all time favorite) and Nashville Hot...juiciest boneless chicken I've ever had. Period. Their spin on the Nashville Hot is something to note: it had a unique Smokey taste (I don't cook, but smoked chili powder maybe??) that blended perfectly with their seasoned ranch dressing (lol, it wasn't regular ranch is all I know). I was pleasantly surprised and have added a new flavor to my boneless bites :-) I'm SO excited they're here - all of our wing needs (dinner, watch parties, Netflix & Chill nights, etc.) will be met by our new fav right down the street off Exit 11!! Y'all. Go there. Now. And you'll have a new chicken spot in your repertoire!